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Picosecond Picoway Laser

The Picosecond Picoway Laser

The Picosecond PicoWay laser delivers laser light energy in one trillionth of a second unlike the conventional nanosecond laser (which delivers light energy in one billionth of a second). PicoWay delivers one of the shortest picosecond pulses and one of the highest peak power of any picosecond device on the market.

  • It has 4 wavelengths, the 532nm, 730nm, 785nm, and 1064nm, in picosecond mode.
  • The PicoWay laser also has 2 holographic 532nm and 1064nm Resolve fractional laser hand pieces and one holographic 532nm Resolve Fusion fractional laser handpiece.

The Picosecond PicoWay laser technology

  • The PicoWay laser uses picosecond laser light energy to target skin lesions and tattoo ink
  • It clears the skin lesion and tattoo ink by photomechanical effects rather than photo-thermal effects (as in a conventional laser).
  • The ultra-short picosecond pulses enable the strong photoacoustic impact needed to effectively disperse pigment particles without overheating surrounding skin
  • The high peak power and short picosecond pulse makes the PicoWay laser treatment more efficient and requires less treatment sessions. There is less thermal damage and less side-effects with the PicoWay laser
  • The Picosecond PicoWay laser is effective for removing
    • Multi-coloured tattoo ink including green ink and recalcitrant tattoo ink
    • Cosmetic tattoos and microblading ink
    • Skin pigments
    • Age spots
    • Brown birthmarks

How Picosecond PicoWay laser breaks up tattoo ink

Picoway Resolve Laser
Picoway Resolve Laser
Picoway Resolve Laser

The PicoWay Resolve Fractional Laser technology

The PicoWay Resolve Fractional Laser uses a picosecond holographic fractionator to deliver precisely consistent laser energy to the entire treatment area to resurface the skin. There are 2 resolve handpiece, the 532nm wavelength resolve handpiece to treat shallow lesions and the longer 1064nm wavelength resolve handpiece to treat deeper lesions and all skin types, with no downtime. The new Resolve Fusion hand piece has 532nm wavelength to treat pigments and uneven skin tone.

Excel V Laser
Excel V Laser
  • The PicoWay Resolve or Resolve Fusion Fractional Laser hand piece delivers fractionated picosecond laser beams into the epidermis and dermis to create laser induced optical breakdown(LIOB) and laser induced cavitation (LIC) in the epidermis or dermis
  • The LIOB and LIC in turn stimulate collagen and elastin tissue formation
  • The Picoway Resolve uses sub-surface remodeling without breaking the skin(stratum corneum) transforming the skin from the inside out
  • A fraction of the skin is treated at one time, leaving healthy skin around the treated area to promote quick healing
  • The PicoWay Resolve Or Resolve Fusion holographic lens is used to
    • Rejuvenate skin
    • Improve skin clarity and radiance
    • Improve skin tone and pore size
    • Improve skin texture

The PicoWay Resolve Laser treatment procedure

  • The skin is cleaned and anaesthetised with topical anaesthesia
  • The fractionated laser beam from the PicoWay Resolve hand piece is directed at the skin
  • The skin is treated with passes of the Resolve laser beams
  • You may feel a warm tingling sensation
  • After the treatment the skin may be pink but this settles within a few hours
  • You can resume normal activities right after
Excel V Laser

The PicoWay Laser Toning

  • The PicoWay Laser toning uses the low energy of picosecond pulses to rejuvenate skin, improve skin clarity and radiance, improve skin tone and pore size and improve skin texture
  • The laser energy is paint brushed over the skin till the desired endpoint is reached
  • You may feel a warm sensation
  • After the treatment, there may be transient reddening of the skin which subsides spontaneously
  • You can resume normal activities after the laser treatment.
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