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Miradry uses heat energy to heat and destroys the sweat glands as well as the odour glands and hairs in the underarms. Once destroyed the glands will not grow back. Eliminating the 2% of sweat glands in the underarms will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself.

The Miradry technology

  • The Miradry technology is USA-FDA approved to permanently destroy sweat glands, odour glands and hairs
  • It uses a biotip to provide the microwave energy and a handpiece with hydroceramic cooling surface and thermocouples
  • The Miradry biotip stabilizes tissue and allows microwave energy to pass through unhindered. It provides easy coupling to the cooling plate on the handpiece. The biotip separates tissue and contaminants for a sterile environment
  • The Miradry handpiece provides suction to pull the skin away from the deeper structures and provides maximum contact with the hydroceramic cooling surface
  • Cooling plate and thermocouples protect the skin surface and monitor skin temperature
  • Miradry microwave heat destroys the sweat glands and the surrounding odour glands and hairs (both dark or light-coloured hairs) while the overlying skin is cooled during the procedure
  • Once destroyed these glands and hair will not grow back
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Miradry biotip

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Mirady handpiece

The Miradry treatment procedure

  • The underarm is cleaned and anaesthetised and marked with a template
  • The handpiece and biotip are placed directly on the skin and the handpiece is activated
  • You will feel a slight suction as the skin and glands are brought closer to the surface
  • Heat energy is delivered to destroy the sweat glands, the odour glands and hairs
  • The miradry heat is applied on each space on the template
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  • After the procedure the area may be red, bruised, sore or swollen and these clear within a few weeks. Some patients have altered sensation in the skin of the underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappear
  • You can resume normal activities right after
  • Some patients need 2 treatments for a more lasting result
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