Paediatric Dermatologist

We provide specialist treatment for babies and children for all dermatological conditions including treatment for allergies, skin infections, diaper rash, birthmark and mole removal. We provide personalised solution based on your child’s conditions with accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Baby Rash Treatment

Baby Rash

Rash and other skin conditions are commonly seen in babies. They are often temporary and clear up on their own Cradle cap Cradle cap or

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Eczema Treatment for Children

Eczema in Children

]Atopic dermatitis or eczema is the most common paediatric condition seen by a dermatologist. It can start in infancy and continues into adult life. Most

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Skin Rash Treatment for Children - Dermatologsit

Viral rash

A viral rash (viral exanthem) is a rash that is caused by an infection with a virus. It may appear as small bumps, blisters or red patches on

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