ADVATx Laser

ADVATx Laser

The ADVATx laser (also known as the Advalight or Advaclear) is a laser treatment that can address numerous skin conditions without downtime. The ADVATx laser has 2 laser modules to generate 2 wavelengths, the yellow light laser at 589nm and the infrared light laser at 1319nnm. These laser lights can be delivered via a single spot or via a scanner. There are 20+FDA approved indications to treat both medical and cosmetic dermatological conditions. Among the conditions the ADVATx laser can treat include vessels, vascular problems, red birthmarks, rosacea, bruises, acne, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks and photodamaged skin. It also reduces pore size and decrease oil secretion

ADVATx Laser Technology

The ADVATx laser delivers the 589nm light in a train of pulses (quasi-CW pulsing). The duration of the pulses is so short that the skin perceives the multiple pulses of energy as a single pulse. This multiple pulsing reduces the side -effects of the laser as the laser energy is directly targeted at the skin condition without damage to the surrounding normal tissue and without causing bruising that is often seen with other vascular lasers
The 1319nm light is delivered as a continuous wave, allowing for controlled, bulk heating of the skin. This heat stimulates collagen proliferation and reduction of sebum production from the sebaceous glands. The controlled heating is well tolerated and comfortable and often no anesthesia is required

The Advatx Laser Procedure

  • The procedure is not painful and does not require anaesthesia
  • Safety laser glasses are worn before the start of the treatment
  • The proper wavelength (589nm or 1319nm) is selected to treat the skin condition.
  • In most skin conditions both wavelengths as often used sequentially as both the wavelengths gives synergistic results
  • A gel is applied on the skin
  • The laser handpiece glides over the skin
  • The laser can be used to trace vessels or via a scanner to treat the entire skin condition
  • After the treatment the skin may be pink
  • There is no downtime and patient can resume normal activities right after

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