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Tattoo Removal

There are many ways to remove tattoo but most will leave scars. The most effective and safe treatment is to use pigment specific lasers to remove the different tattoo ink.

Advantages of using the Picosecond Picoway Laser to remove tattoo

The Picosecond Picoway laser is one of the effective lasers as it can remove almost all tattoo colours- including black, red, yellow, green and blue ink.


  • The Picosecond Picoway laser can treat all types of tattoo including amateur, professional, cosmetic, traumatic and surgical tattoos safely and with almost no or minimal scarring
  • The ultrashort picosecond is effective for treating different tattoo ink from the large to the very small tattoo ink particles
  • The Picoway laser has 3 wavelengths to treat the different ink colours:
    • The 532nm wavelength can treat red and yellow ink
    • The 1064nm wavelength can treat black, blue and brown ink
    • The 785nm wavelength can treat green and turquoise ink
  • The Picoway laser has very short picosecond duration and high energy and clears tattoo in less sessions and with less side-effects
  • The Picoway laser is safe to clear eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo
Picoway Laser Treatment
The Picosecond Picoway laser tattoo removal procedure
  • An anaesthetic cream is applied on the tattoo
  • The eyes are protected with safety laser goggles
  • The Picoway laser beam is directed at the tattoo. You may feel a sensation of heat and discomfort. Immediately a white discolouration is seen and in some there may be redness and pinpoint bleeding
  • An antibiotic cream is applied after the treatment
  • The skin may look red and swollen and this resolves over a few days. A crust may form and eventually slough off leaving a lighter coloured tattoo. Do not scrub, pick or scratch the treated area

The effectiveness of the Picoway laser in removing tattoo depends on many factors

  • Age of the tattoo: recent tattoo is easier to clear
  • Location of the tattoo: tattoo on the back are more difficult to clear
  • The amount and colour of the tattoo ink
  • The depth of the tattoo ink: deeper ink needs more sessions
  • The complexity of the tattoo: amateur tattoo is easier to clear compared to professional tattoo
  • The type of tattoo: cosmetic tattoos are easier to clear

Usually 2-6 treatment sessions are required, each spaced at 6-8 weeks interval

Paradoxical darkening of tattoo ink

Fresh and brown coloured ink tattoos may turn black with laser treatment and often a test patch may be needed.