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There are many different types and causes of skin pigmentation. They can be broadly grouped into congenital birthmarks and acquired pigmentation, the non-birthmarks.

Commonly seen pigmented birthmarks

  • Lentigenes
  • Café-au-liat macule (CALM)
  • Naevus of Ota/ Naevus of Ito
  • Beckers naevus
  • Speckled lentiginous naevus

Treatment of pigmented birthmarks

Generally pigmented birthmarks do not need treatment unless for cosmetic indications. Creams do not work and these birthmarks are removed with pigment specific lasers like the Candela Picoway laser or the Solta Fraxel laser

Types of non -birthmark / acquired skin pigmentation

Non-birthmark skin pigmentation is acquired and usually requires treatment

  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Bilateral acquired naevus of Ota (Hori’s naevus)
  • Senile lentigene
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Peri-orbital pigmentation (Dark eye rings)
  • Pigmented contact dermatitis (Rhiel’’s melanosis)

Treatments for acquired skin pigmentation

  • Prescription creams and sunscreen
  • Oral pills
  • Removal of causative factors: topical agents, drugs
  • Light treatment: Sciton BBL
  • Laser treatment: Candela Picoway laser, Solta Fraxel dual, YouLaser MT
  • Thermal mechanical remodelling (Tixel Pro)
  • Chemical peels: Cosmelan peel, Skin bryte