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Eczema in Children

]Atopic dermatitis or eczema is the most common paediatric condition seen by a dermatologist. It can start in infancy and continues into adult life. Most children present with eczema before 7 years of age, and the majority will have outgrown their eczema by the early teenage years. Children with eczema may also have allergic rhinitis or childhood asthma. Their siblings or family members may also have any of these conditions. Eczema may cause significant distress and sleepless nights to the child and the care-giver. We will work with you to restore the skin barrier, minimise and control flares and optimise the treatment to keep your child in remission

Treatment for Childhood Eczema

  • Proper skin care with gentle cleansers and moisturisers
  • Avoid triggers and allergens
  • Topical steroid creams or topical calcineurin inhibitors  under medical supervision
  • Wet wrap therapy
  • Antihistamines can be useful in the symptomatic relief of itch.
  • Phototherapy
  • In severe cases, oral medication such as antibiotics, oral steroids, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulator and biologics

Steroid phobia

Many parents and care-giver are averse to the idea of using steroids as they fear the side-effects of steroid use. Steroids play an important role in controlling eczema and they are safe when used correctly. Dr Joyce Lim will advise you on the steroid usage – when to start, the correct strength, the adequate amount, the correct place to apply and the duration of application. When the eczema is better, the topical steroid is replaced with topical calcineurin inhibitors