Pregnancy Rash
Pregnancy Rash

Pregnancy Rash

Pregnancy Rash During pregnancy there are changes in the skin. These changes can be classified into 3 main groups Physiological skin changes (due to changes in hormones during pregnancy) Pre-existing…

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Skin Infection

Skin infections can be caused by virus, bacteria or fungus. They are contagious and must be treated. Get an appointment for a dermatology consultation with Dr Joyce Lim Viral Skin…

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Vitiligo is a skin condition where the skin loses its colour. It is seen in areas where there is pigment like the skin, hair(scalp, eyebrow, eyelash, beard), inside the mouth…

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Allergic Rash

Allergic rash occurs when the skin is irritated by a variety of factors. These include heat, food, chemicals, medications, plants and infections. When an allergen is responsible for triggering an immune…

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Nail Problems

Nail problems can be localised to the nails or as part of a general medical condition. Some nail conditions give a clue to the underlying medical problem. Skin rash that affects…

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Skin Rash

Not every rash is an eczema or allergic reaction. Although some may resemble eczema the causes are differentSeborrhoeic dermatitis is a common skin condition that mainly affects your scalp and the…

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