Tixel Pro


The Tixel Pro uses a unique technology (Thermal Mechanical Ablation) to transfer heat energy to the skin very quickly and safely. This heat stimulates the skin to generate collagen and elastic fibers and hence improve skin surface. The heat stimulates collagen contraction and tightens skin without surgery. It also produces microscopic channels to allow medication to enter the skin – without injection.

How Does TIXEL PRO Works?

Heat is emitted through a matrix of 81 tiny pyramid-shaped pins made of titanium covering a treatment area of 1cm2. The pins are heated to a temperature of 400 degrees C, the same temperate generated by a CO 2 laser when it interacts with the skin.

During treatment, the pins are introduced to the surface of the skin at a precisely controlled speed, after which the thermal energy stored in the pins is rapidly transferred upon brief contact with the skin lasting only a few milliseconds. The ensuing evaporation of water from the skin occurs instantaneously, resulting in the formation of tiny craters in the treatment zone. There are no burns or charring of tissue – a side effect seen with lasers.

What Can The TIXEL PRO Treat?

The Tixel Pro treats a variety of skin conditions:

Dark (black and blue) and red inks are easy to remove. Orange and purples ink usually fades as well. Green and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove and additional lasers are needed to produce significant fading:

  • Allows delivery of medication into the skin without injection
  • Tightens sagging skin without surgery
  • Improves Photo damaged skin
  • Improves Acne and acne scarring
  • Improves burn scars

What Can I Expect From TIXEL PRO Treatment?

Usually, no anesthesia is required. During the treatment, you may experience some warmth. Immediately after there may be some redness and this usually last 1-2 days. If an aggressive treatment is done tiny scabs may be seen for 1-2 days. Results are seen over the next few weeks.